Next level valve seat cutting

WM360 v2

The new WM360 version 2 brings valve seat cutting to a whole new level, in terms of precision and versatility.

This is the tool for both enthusiasts as well as professionals, with high demands for the finished result.

€ 1’420

Modern support

New to valve seat cutting?

No problem, we are here for you!
Wether you are a beginner or an expert we providethe proper support.

After purchasing the WM360 you will get access to downloading the PDF user manual, which contains a quick start guide along with some useful tips and tricks.

We are well aware some of you prefer to watch a video instead of reading the manual. Welcome to our channel on Youtube, where you will find videos that show the WM360 in action.

We are also in the making of a series short clips with quick tips for the use of the tool. These tips will also include some new ways to use the WM360 in applications you might not yet have thought of.

Of course you can always reach out to us directly via phone, email or facebook. We are engine rebuilders and use the tool ourselves, which enables us to give you the proper support you are looking for.


Phone: +46-302-23455

Facebook: Wasa-Motor


Surface finish

Renewing worn valve seats

Our special chatter reducing tool holders, provides that superb Surface finish you are looking for when cutting the angles of your valve seats, during a Engine rebuild.

Heavy duty

Replacing valve seats

The WM360 v2 is a very robust tool, making it perfect for heavy cuts when installing new valve seats.

One tool to rule them all


WM360 v2 is designed to be the only tool you will ever need for all your valve seat repairs and modifications. The standard tool holder offers a very wide adjusting range and most valve angles on the market are covered. For really extreme angles there is even an angled clamping block available.


Diameter range

With original tooling provided in the standard kit 20-75mm.



Valve angle

Can be altered even more with an angled clamping block.


Valve Guide Range

A wider span is available with custom pilots.

Tech specs


Included in the standard kit

  • 1x WM360 v2 Valve seat cutting tool
  • 2x Valve guide pilot (Dimensions by your choosing)
  • 1x 3-angle cutting bit (30°, 45°, 60° 1,8mm)
  • 1x Clamping block flat
  • 1x Clamping bolt 
  • 1x Tool case with two keys
  • Tools for operating (3x allen key, 1x wrench, 1x toolholder pin)
  • Downloadable PDF User Manual



Dimension and Weight

  • Total weight standard kit: 9 kg
  • Dimensions tool case: 330 x 230 x 90