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Welcome to our VAG pages. The most comprehensive guide to troubleshooting your 2.0 liter petrol or diesel engine. This is not all. We also provide a variety of solutions to the issues.

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Real knowledge and experience will always beat manuals

At Wasa Motor we pride ourselves in being experts in many different areas of engineering and manufacturing. We do not accept a solution just because it seems to fix the problem, without truly understanding why. Whenever we investigate an issue, we start out by examining what exactly is happening and how does it affect the components. This often demands for knowledge of how different materials respond to changing conditions on a molecular level, or in what manner forces are introduced and distributed throughout a system. It is only when you have taken all aspects into account, that you can start on your solution. Otherwise you are likely to transfer the problem to another component in a chain of events.

We have more than four decades of engineering experience and have been involved in projects around the globe. This experience and in-depth understanding of physics has provided us with the ability to solve some of the most infamous issues of the engines from Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda.


Are VAG engines to be avoided?

Our answer to this is: No. Some models may be more troublesome than others, but in general the VAG concern has provided us with some really great engines. Many of them suffer from some prone to fail parts, but once attended to, the overall engines are pretty solid. The fact that there are so many vehicles sold means, there is a ton of information to be found on the internet. It also means there will always be parts and companies like ourselves specializing in solutions.