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Our plug-and-play solution is by far the easiest and best way to go, when it comes to deleting your balance shafts.

  • No more worries about the balance shaft sprocket failing.
  • No more worries about the balance shafts seizing up.
  • Small gain in horsepower output.
  • Better fuel economy.
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Benefits of our solution

TFSI balancer shaft delete freewheel


No unnecessary cutting or drilling needed.


Can be installed without removing the oil pump module.


Installation is not permanent and can be reversed.


Lifelong warranty for the Freewheel itself.

about the issue…

… and why you should delete your balance shafts.

The TFSI 2.0 EA113 engines found in various models from the manufacturers Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat, are known to be plagued with issues regarding the oil pressure. The by far most common one is caused by the sprocket, driving the balance shafts, failing. You can read more about this issue in THIS blog post.

Whenever this particular sprocket fails – and it will fail eventually – it leads to severe issues. If you are really lucky you start to feel vibrations before the whole oil pump drive transmission is affected, but mostly this is not the case. Usually the first warning you get is a message saying: “Oil Pressure Low, STOP ENGINE”. What it really should say is NO oil pressure, because that is what happens after the chain is snapped off, by the sprocket disintegrating.

Another prone to fail point is the balance shaft assembly itself, in terms of the shafts seizing up. The result of this will also snap the chain driving the oil pump.

Both these very unpleasant issues can be avoided in total if you delete your balance shafts.

TFSI 2.0 balancer shaft sprockets.