Category Archives: The ultimate oil pressure guide for the TFSI 2.0 EA113

This will most likely be the category in our blog, receiving the most views. We are really excited about finally getting started on this one.

As the title tells, this is all about the oil pressure issues, haunting the 2 liter TFSI engines from Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat. More specifically the EA113 engines.

Since this is such a wast subject, we will devide it into a series of posts. The first post will cover the basics and get you started with the troubleshooting. As we go on through the series we will try to take you through the entire process step by step. We will try to do this n the correct order from most likely all the way to “very uncommon”.

TFSI 2.0 EA113 Oil pressure – Part 4

continuation of troubleshooting the oil pump of the TFSI 2.0 EA113 All right, we are back. Let’s start out where we left off. The oil pressure regulating system. So far we have learned about the different issues associated with it.  Wear in the bore causing leakage  Wear in the bore creating a ledge for the […]

TFSI 2.0 EA113 Oil pressure – Part 3

At last I have found some time to get back to writing again. I’m well aware that the previous two posts didn’t really contain any big surprises or secrets. This time around however, I’m extra excited writing this third part of the series. Now it will get a bit more interesting. Today we will be […]

TFSI 2.0 EA113 Oil pressure – Part 2

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Part 2 of the ultimate oil pressure guide for the TFSI 2.0 EA113 In this second part of the oil pressure troubleshooting guide we will start working on the bottom end of the engine. I will not cover any specifics about the general work involved, tearing your engine down, because this varies between differnet models […]

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